Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Blogtag. See the rules in the attached graphic. I was tagged by LOK of The Zoo, so the rules say I have to share random facts about myself, then tag others. First here are the tags. Then the facts.
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Mader Family News
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Everything & Nothing
1. One of my first jobs was actually driving to different towns and buying Coca Cola products for quality control purposes. We mailed the two-liters back to Coke headquarters.
2. I've visited Switzerland - my favorite town was Bern - and also took a day trip to France and Germany. When I return to Europe one day, I'd like to visit Normandy, where my paternal grandfather stormed the beach in 1944.
3. My favorite wine is pinot grigio, and my favorite wine store is Chan's in Destin, Fla.
4. I am inordinately afraid of having Courtney make an outburst in public. Ridiculously so. Like there is no way I could expect a baby to act any other way. However, I had an acquaintance who when she was asked 'smoking or non' at a restaurant, always said 'no children,' so I think about her and it makes me afraid of bothering people.
5. My favorite TV show is Project Runway, and the finale aired tonight. I taped it and haven't watched it yet. I will after I post this.
6. I know what happens when you press 'control, alt, down-arrow' on your computer at the same time. And how to return back again. (Try it.) I was taught this by my infant who was banging on the keyboard. And after an hour of web research, I was able to fix it.
7. My first dog Scuffer was a white and brown mutt with soft ears. My first cat was Pattycake, a white longhair, and I used to wheel her around in a baby stroller.


Renee said...

I have so many 'weird' things about me to mention! :) I love the slide picture of Cortney. We HAVE to get these two together!!